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Reviews for "Four Second Fury"

Another point for Armour Games

A cool fast pace internet version of point blank. Nice work!


its about time someone put a game like wario ware on NG! I managed to beat the game (and got second place on the high scores too! :D) Thats prolly because i have so much experience in this type of game. Great great GREAT job!

Rocked teh house!

dude this game REEKED OF KICKASS! 177 seconds AND not a life lost! THIS GAME RULES! FRONT PAGE FOREVA!

Please make more

This is a lot like Wario Ware Inc, and that's awesome! I have that game for gameboy advance and it's my favorite. Please make a Four Second Fury 2 with even more mini games!


I won't even bother rating all the categories, it gets a 10. Awesome job.