Reviews for "James Bunny"

Nice graphics, but not much more...

This game was pretty cool, I must admit. I really loved the explosions and the shaking effect, but the gameplay was unreasonably difficult.

Nice graphics, good sound, but the gameplay wasn't that original or captivating..

Blargh! Rockets!!

It was great, not enough to keep my full interest but it was well made all the same. Average. When I saw the controls I was hopeing it was something more along the lines of non-running constantly. Also the weapons were practically all alike besides damage... and there was no point not to use the rocket thingy.


i've always wanted to be a a rabbit on a rampage killing rats and now i can.

altough whenever i jumped the screen shook and i couldn't see the bottom of the screen. good game though.

Decent easter game

It was decent and the controlls where not bad, but the speech draged!

I <3 it

great game. you had me playing it for awhile. I hope this makes front page.