Reviews for "James Bunny"


scroll right, shoot some guys, jump over some stuff, shoot some more guys, keep scrolling right, jump, shoot, etc etc etc etc blah blah blah.

Music, Awesome, Rest... BOO!!

no offense, i hated it. sure, it had great james bond remix theme music, but the game was horrible! omg, i hated that so much... and u gave the bunny big things u perv :P

ooooookay...bunny forgot his meds

alright! A good game, nice fighting, but...It wasn't the greatest I ever played. it could use a duck feature. jumping just gives them more places to target u.

oh yeah!

A always armorgames present some of the best shooting and fighting games! you should make a sequel for a christmas game, santa elf, or something

Hard, but cool

I like that type of game, if only there was a duck button >:@ but my health went down way to fast, which annoyed me a bit, considering i didn't think i got hit...

Edvin responds:

glad you liked it =)