Reviews for "Zombies and Swords!"

Just One Thing...

In the movie, you talk about European sword fighting, is there classes in the south of England by any chance?

javierzoid responds:

Sorry m8, the school is still quite new, so it only has a salle in Vancouver, Canada for now. It has a sister academy located in Seattle, USA, which you can see at www.italianswordplay.com. Thanks for your interest, feel free to get in touch! :)


"swords dont run out of bullets"

congratulations of stealing someone elses quote, from a book mind you, this is from max brooks' zombie survival guide, and you stole it and gave no credit,so I award you fat 0s my friend, because you are a bastard

javierzoid responds:

friend, we came up with the quote in one of the many pre-production meetings. If someone else had already thought of it without us knowing, its not out fault!


Was that seriously an ad for fencing?

I feel like such a consumer.

It was really cool up until I realised you managed to comertialise zombies. Thats disgusting shame on you.

javierzoid responds:

uhm...pretty much EVERY zombie movie out there sells *because* of the zombies, lol..you are buying theatre tickets to see them, arent you? :)


okay you could have made this alot better it wasway to short like less then a minute i really liked it up until the part where she pulled out a sword it was way to random i dident care for this flash to much


The graphics were ok, the animation itself was good but not great what I loved was the idea itself swords... - Zombies swords don't run out of ammo, you got me ;)