Reviews for "Snape's love Potion for L"

Hahahahaha. Haha. Ha.

Hehe. I'm in love with this. Like, seriously. The graphics, I think, fit the storyline (or whatever) really well. Quite frankly . . . I'm really truely wondering why you've gotten any bad reviews. o.O;; I mean, it seems to me the only people who wouldn't like this . . . have giant sticks up their bums.

Great job. :3


I cracked up at the end. =3 So much for the love potion! xD


I love their Kiwi accents XD Though Raito sounds slighty Aussie


It was good, quite good actually... But you said "Raito" L and R are the same in Japanese... So spell it like this: Laito, which is prounounced lite-o and translated to english like this: Light. So his name should be in english, Light. Ok? It was good non-the less.


Those candles behind Snape look... a lot like a penis. Maybe I'm just perverted? xD

I laughed my ass off. I forced my Mom and her boyfriend to watch it, too. The emphasis on "anus" was genius. I praise you!