Reviews for "Snape's love Potion for L"

Oh gosh.

That was positively funny. I especially like the last time, "Aha, there's no such thing as love potions!" *dive* ahaha. Good job XD

Ha! Ha! Ha!

OMG, that was hilarious. But just as a HP nerd moment, it can't be a Snape Family secret thing, since his mother was the wizard and she took his muggle father's name...;)
true HP nerd, all the way, eh?

but good flash. Just wished i coulda seen more action! lol

Supafunny <3

That was wicked funny... but... what the hell did Ryuzaki say at the end when he tossed away the potion? XD Call me deaf, but I can't make sense of it. Otherwise, WICKED funny. *two thumbs up*

No such thing :)

Lol that was funny shit. Pothead got laid.

Ha, Ha there's no such thing as a love potion! XD

Wow, I couldn't stop lauging for the longest after watching this video! I'mma have to show it to even my yaoi hating friends.

Heh heh...anus XD