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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"


This has to be the Ultimate tribute to HG I've ever seen! It's like you took the best part of the movie and made it five times more enjoyable! This is just an amazing flash altogether. It had great animation, and great music. The dolphins were just so cute ^_^
It's also cool that you put in the whole song, from start to finish, some songs just cut off completely random; ie NumaNuma Dance?

Overall, wow, just, wow. This is going under my fav's!


Thanks For All The Fish

Awesome movie, if they did hitchhikers guide as a cartoon they would pick that, also I am a big fan of Douglas Adams work


Believe me, I love Douglas Adams' work in all forms, but that movie should be destroyed from all people's memories. The 30 people who saw the god damn movie in the world at least. That movie basically took a giant shit on Douglas' face.

Great animation though. :D


The book was forty two times better than the movie.

Oh dear.

For some very odd reason lately everytime I say "so long" I always add, "and thanks for all the fish." And then coming here and seeing this video I was like "yay!" I bet anyone who's not seen the movie or read the book has no idea what this even is. haha

Anyways, this was great.. I loved it. :)