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Reviews for "Thanks for all the fish!"

I'm not going to put anything in the subject line

I've read the book (the one with all his books) multiple times. I was disappointed in the movie.

But this was real good and I think Douglas Adams would be laughing in his grave.

Not as good as I anticipated

Still, it's worth reviewing. I saw the movie and to be honest I was fairly disappointed that you didnt include the prelude to the song, which would have made it better. I think the dolphin song is annoying, to be honest, to some extent, but the joke which leads to the song makes it better. Ehh.. I know it sounds dumb, but that's how I feel anyways. You should have included the intro in the movie, I rediscovered the good feeling I got when watching the actual movie. It was maybe even the best part. I appreciate the effects you put in it though, that sure counts for something. Also, arent dolphins real fuckers to lipsynch? I suspect they must be, you did a fairly good job on it tho, it was better looking at it frontally tho. Cartoon horses have this problem aswell apparently.
Oh and I like the jellyfish =)




this is a really good flash for those of you who liked the hitchikers guide to the galaxy movie. i know that i loved it and that song. that flash will make you want to watch the movie wich will make you want to read the books. it sure did in my case. make more plz!


I love the books, so I really didn't like the movie as it lost alot of the humor that made the books so good. However, I did like the dolphin song and I belive that this is better than the movie!

I liked this very much.

This was well done, and I am very glad to see that you did not just copy the films version. I agree that this is a very funny movie, and I am glad to see the way you thought it should be done. I was so harsh on style because I didn't feel that I got to know your style. I felt that you were to restricted and restained your style to adapt to the movie. But it did bring back found moments from the movie, so I laughed. Nice alternate beginning to a great movie. Good Flash