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Reviews for "Once More - F-777"


Thats amazing. not really another word for it. awesome work! keep it up!


Great Job!

I love how you can just recycle the old presets over and over without it ever sounding old. I mean, It's not as if this piece doesn't have anything new, but you also recycled some of your previous presets AND made it sound fresh. That takes talent. Ignore IK0NiC. I've noticed a trend in bad musicians, (can they even be called musicians?) which is that they tend to insult people or blam submissions that they KNOW far overshadow their own. So don't worry about it. He's just one dude that's doing his best to bring down the quality of this great submission.


Great job as usual. No constructive criticisms here. I cant think of what the beat is from though. I have heard it before and itll drive me nuts til i figure it out. I think its field of dreams or possibly an off version of ravers fantasy. Either way, great work on the song.



There and Back Again

Well, after not visiting here in a while I had to check up on one of my Faves, Glad to hear your work improving and better than ever! I dont do apple but if you ever get a CD worked out anotherway I would gladly pay ya buddy.

Man, this stuff gets better all the time, WHY DID I LEAVE D: !!!
Cheers to ya!

F-777 responds:

Hey thanks!
I do have another site with my
album thats not apple if your interested =).

(www.soundloud.com/jessevalentinemusi c)

Thanks again for the review!

I love how you can just add hope to a song! It makes it beautiful! THANK YOU FOR THIS! God knows I have no potential in creating music, so that's where you come in! Thank you for this!