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Reviews for "Once More - F-777"

Pure sweetness

I love the part from 0.45 it was like BANG sweet music.
Also the pumpup from 2.00 till 2.30 is really nice.


as always, awesome song!

i love the feeling of the song, powerful, makes me a better day...

i tried to listen this by my speakers...
and i had an orgasm.


really nice

nice one Jesse man, this sounds like some shit DJ Sammy would come out with. very high in energy man, still very good mixing, i love the piano brake down a lot!
and a drum change up would be boss for the piano interlude like try some thing tribal instead of 4 - 4 make it like 2-4 to 1-4 then add some wood blocks clacking with bongos! (Bongos make the world go round Jesse my man)

but most of all that i love about this song besides the grate mixing, and killer piano solo is that main synth that's H.O.T hwat son :P you still tink'in with nexus or did poppa find a new toy?

Stoned and Lovin it!

I heard the first part, knew I would like it, toked it up and *cough cough* sweeeeet!
Its like looking over a mountain range, a highway roads cover the ridge all the way up to the city lake and resorts are located. During the day its a peaceful country drive up and down. But at night... when the time is right, the highway turns into a total drift dream world.


I always look forward to any new songs you put up. This one, like all the others, has something about it that makes it amazing. You really built up the song well, and the beat is easily dancible as well as easy flowing. The ending seemed like a cut off to me, but that's the only thing I thought might need work. Another song well done.