Reviews for "LOZ UO trailer"


I soooo like the music. and ofcourse the look over the character's and the movies.. Lol. cant even find words for them. =D

petty cool

hey dude this is ghood man but the hood is a littel long is it anyway good one


Well you showed some good promise with this trailer, i could see that its going to have alittle bit of humour in it, the animation is going to be good and the character designs are going to be the way that they should be, i mean i love the way you have designed Link he looks the way he should, you stretched him out and gave him a sweet anime look and also it looks as though there may be voice acting. I liked the unusual song you had in the background, i hadnt heard it before and so it seemed to match this as if it were made for it. Overall, it is a good preview to what should be a good series.

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i look foward to it with much antisapation


Ok umm The music was nice! very nice it was really clear, but links hat was too long.... We all know its over sized but not that big! The eyes of Saria in the loading screen are really nice! but... Trialors are supposed to show what its going to be about. It didnt really show much it was nice other wise, Im also makeing a Trialor well...planning it I havent made any flash videos yet but im going to make a trialor for my one Manga book I make in real life people say the story line is really nice so im gonna do it on newgrounds... BUT I DONT HAVE A FLASH PROGRAM! T.T anyways ill keep A eye on this and your work to see how you do.