Reviews for "LOZ UO trailer"


That was a horrible attempt at a trailer....i don't know what some of the previous reviewers were on, but this was terrible. So far, I'm really not looking forward to your future zelda movies. First off, the graphics were real crap.
Second, there was no story existant NONE. what the heck..all it consisted of was, something that was resembled Link, jumping off of trees like he was tarzan or the predator, and.....some characters that were supposedly talking to each other? wtf. (the trailer or preview or whatever you wanna call this piece of crap, told us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of what you are intending to make, and trailers are SUPPOSED TO GIVE US SOME IDEA what the final product is gonna be expected to be.)
Third, the music just totally put me off. it was a horrible choice for music. WTF. get some music that GOES with the time era(legend of zelda-y) and mood of the flash. not some drab contemporary artist. and BTW, he sucked whoever that was.
So, yeah. in conclusion, this was horrible. Drill that far into the back of your mind, and maybe you'll improve your 1)animation/graphics, 2)plot/story, and 3) music choice.
oh, and another thing: in one of your reviews to someone, you told them "TO FIND A NEW HOBBY AND LEARN TO ANIMATE. "
well i think you should carefully reread your review, and apply it to yourself. cuz you aren't any better at animating. graphics are terrible, and story is nonexistant. at least the guy you reviewed knew what kinda music worked where. this music was just utter crap. let's hope you'll learn something here today from this review, and improve the areas you're terribly lacking skill in. (pretty much everything)


This looks excellent! Can't wait for the real thing! I'm all excited over just the trailer! Hehe


That was great for a trailer...... ican tell that the actual movie will be amazing. Good job. definitely front page stuff man.

Great Flash

Great flash! It seems that your work will be cool. I'm curious! Hehehe.

Why did you resubmit?

The moive is the same compared with the previous one you submitted. So why do you resubmit. However, you are lucky enough that your entry is not marked. Do not resubmit, you may pay the prince one day. Nevertheless, great flash.

ScootLumpDude responds:

It was kind of an accident. It was my very first time submiting to newgrounds.^-^'