Reviews for "TSUNAMI lev. 1"


This was awesome, I love how it was story based, but I just wish that you could shoot and destroy stuff in the enviroment, and kill friendly people if you wanted to... >:D I tihnk the enemies shoot too soon too, they should wait at least half a second till they shoot after they pop up... :(

prap's on this

But damn dog!! what fucking july?! i've been on this site since it was only assassin.com then the NEW newgrounds already aa..going past 7 years how much time till the new ones come on....7 more? still i gusse i cant rush you..but still 7 years. This shit is great and real awsome then some..but PLEASE-PLEASE make the new ones allready????

A little too hard.

That was a little too hard. The enemy's shot way too fast. But still a pretty fun game with awesome blood. Oh yeah, I liked the Valve music.


Its ok, the blood and the story but your bullets shoot too slow and i suggest u add a crosshair in part 2.

not bad

good, but too short.