Reviews for "TSUNAMI lev. 1"

This one has some potential

You got a pretty fun game, a nice twitchy one.
The blood was awesome, really nice. More weapons are a must, this is the kind of game where the more, the better. Difficulty was a bit of a problem, but this is one of those games where everything has to be timed down in the player's head, which is usually a bad thing, but this game has so much potential that it's a good thing it's so complex.

I am a bit scarred about the final version being one of those impossable shooters, but In that case, I'm gonna beat the whole thing just for the nice story and to tell everyone I did. The hardness actually opens up a new door for competitiveness. Like I said, if this game was any worse, I wouldn't even bother, but you did a nice job balencing it, Great job!

ok just

it sucks coz u dont get to move by your self how do u pic up things


Seriously i love this!!! 5/5!! everyone that doesnt like it go poot ur self

good game

fairly good game lots of random troops who pop out of no were and try to take you down but still.....FUN


it was okay but it was hard well the guy killed me p= alot!!!!