Reviews for "Gladiator"


it was....im not going to lie it sucked u cant kill the tiger chetta thing and
the guy wouldnt die then two more showed up and yea it was pretty bad but good idea and keep making more youll make some good ones.oh i almost forgot i like the music but have the hole song or more of it,it really got anoying after a while


The game was just to boring u just holed out your shield the whole time and attack the same thing over and over again nice try but better luck next time.

o k

i thouht it was too hard too fast really


i could walk out of the arena, and could not get in no more. good game, thoug.

Very good game!

And Sir_Rohan, you just don't play well, because i found the slash and the stab very useful. You don't have to turn around to hit people with the slash. And never in the game did my block be broken. Also, next time you review, put some grammer into it. Anyways, this game is very addicting and fun. I would play it for hours!