Reviews for "Gladiator"

i don;t like this game maybe that lion atack the other gladiators


a few ways to improve

-upgradable character
-Round by Round Combat (not survive waves)
-make the distance the character is able to strike more
-More concrete controls

Sorry, but...

This game really is shit made manifest. The enemies are about as good as your character and there are more of them. The shield doesnt work, and theirs do...

A Waste of Time

The combat system sucks because the shield doesn't do much from all but a tiny angle, the sword apparently is as short as a bloody toothpick and the controls are clunky and hard to use.

The music is looped and annoying, both at the start and in the game itself.

The only consolation you can have is that you managed to get the game to run at all.


what an shitty game. PERKELE!