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Reviews for "Armed Prophet: Robots"

lol Aj24767

its because its a loop


Ypu are a very very talented artist but make ur songs longer!! u need like three if ur sings to make one song ROFLOL


Despite being hardest level out of the three from my experience, I was able to complete this level in hard because of the music. It gave me that sense of urgency that I needed to kick some robot ass if I wanted to live.

The first two (Despite being great tracks by themselves plus very fitting to their respective levels.) lacked that feeling of doomsday.

Loved the dial-up sound effect too.

this reminds me

i think it was final fantasy 8 where you have to fight the `tank type thing but this is dope i could see it being put on a game easily

Which to choose...

It's amazing how different Newgrounds users, who review the music from Armed Prophet, say "the bestest piece of the game" about every theme on the corresponding pages. That just proves the themes are all extremely well done, but each in it's way.

P.S. My personal fav among the AP themes is Robots.