Reviews for "The Ultimate Showdown"

Its gude

good stuf and its front page worthy, but HOW MUCH MORE FUCKING LONGER IS THIS GOING TO BE ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!?? :b


I loved so many things in this movie, I don't have enough space to put them all, but I'll put some.

1.Abe lincoln was an undead maniac trying to kill batman.
2.Sonic and mario having a sissy fight.(Heh)
3.gandalf the grey, gandalf the white, the black knight from monty python and the holy grail,(can't remember the next one)the big blue meanie, cowboy curtis, jambi the genie, robocop,terminator,Captain kirk,dath vader, lo pan, super man, the power rangers, bill S. preston(I think) theodore logan, spock, the rock, doc ock, and hulk hogan all teamed up and killed chuck Norris.(I don't hate chuck norris, it's just funny.)
4.Mr.Rogers won, then commit Fubuki(that's what it's called, right?)
Overall, Freakin awesome.

10 stars?

Yes this deserves 10 Stars! this is the funniest thing, then I saw the orgy video of this....this is still awesome, no matter how scarred I am by the other vid lol. GREAT JOB!!!! XD

awesomely randomness of kewlio

uh awesome