Reviews for "The Ultimate Showdown"

Fucking Awesome

you rock nice song great graphics and great comedy
Spok, the rock, doc ock and hulk hogan chuck norris indiana jones the list goes on you have me on your side man

Greatest Flash Cartoon Ever To Land On Newgrounds

As i said. Greatest flash ever created i added to my Fav's list i told friends about it and as everybody is saying I cannot get the god damn song outta my head

¥This Is The Ultimate Flash¥

You Just Got Reviewed By Umm Well Me! xPsycho_Mantisx!

One of the best things i've seen

WOW this flash has been on the front page for over a month now and the song is still catchy. Seriously i have this on my MP3 aslong with some of your other songs. Gj and keep up the good work

I usually flame!

Dude I am totally dark side and your other stuff I have heard never raved about it animation always good but the singing dude get some lessions "I have managed a band that had a 30k audience lol", but other than that this song redeems any and all past transgressions, I'm a legally ordained Rev, and no matter what you do in life i promise to get you the sweetest spot in heaven!


I love this video and this song that I know all the words of by heart. Great job.