Reviews for "The Ultimate Showdown"

Yes! Amazing!

Jesus man, your a definite future animator (if you decide to take it that far). Best flash I've seen, didn't have ANY meaning(to me) but it was just so beautiful. Song was hilarious, looping it on my Winamp, it's just so good. "And the angels sang out in chorus, descending from heaven was Chuck Norris" I loved it. Your amazing. Definitly #1 on my chart.

P.S. it would be a great Christmas present for an up and coming star like you to reply to this. Belated Christmas present.


This is the greatest video i have ever seen its so funny and the soung is very catchy


so the winner is the guy with the ice cream cone cause norris killed indy, a care bear killed o'neil and jackie chan, batman killed aaron carter, but then norris killed batman, and then a bunch of people killed chuck norris, mr.rogers killed everyone else but then he killed himself and danced in his blood before going straight up to heavon while the others burned in the firy pits of HHHHEEEELLLLLLLL!!!!!! (i just had to do that,) so the last one standing was that one kid that was holding that ice cream cone. oh yeah, and mario and sonic killed each other. and finaly, i'd like to say...*is squished by building in mid-sentence*

wow man

ultimate lol ;)