Reviews for "Colour My World"

Definately amazing

I love piano music, and this is high up there on the list of my favorite music. Thank you for your art

ever played eternal sonata?

this sounds like one of the top works used in that game.
to me in particular when you walk into the mirror world. but thats just me
this song is great for any piece of anime\game\movie
to me = a peaceful moment, like snow falling. with the characters watching it fall outside the window. (something like that)
omg 10 stars :D

liluxiaorealnew responds:

nah.. i dont really play games now.
but i listen to jap music , and they have influenced me alot.
im glad u liked the song .

Great song.

Loved it. Melodious and relaxing with a bit of happiness


An oasis of serenity

Very nice and relaxing music!

I really enjoyed listening to this! It really does make you feel relaxed, it clears your mind, and it really uplifted me!

Really great work!