Reviews for "Colour My World"

Gotta be good!

So I'm a network engineer at a technology company and was on the phone with tech support. I just happened to be playing this in the background while they did their thing. So the guy asks me "what is that "record" your playing in the background?". Of course I told him it wasn't a record but a song playing for a site where all sorts of people collaborate.

Long story short I ended up pasting a link to this song in the Webex chat session! So it has to be good!!

Keep up the great work :)


i could listen to it all day, it has more emotion then most music and really makes me "stop and smell the roses" if you will.

sweet .... and beutiful

this trankik has no ears to music but besides that this music awesome and i dont think it belongs in the jazz category.... plz make more...

The static isn't very noticeable

I think ur speakers are just really loud or sumtin, fishfood. but anyways great piece, I usually don't like piano only pieces (or like them and just never get to listen to them) well balanced never too heavy on one side of the staff u know? kinda like that. well written and thought out not all jumbly or strange at places. and very smmoth and as an added bonus. it loops extremely well. I listened to it throught about 4 times before I noticed. Great work keep it up.

Probably the number one song I will play to lull my child to sleep. So beautiful and relaxing. The only thing that could make this any better would be to post the sheet music. Or tabs.. or how ever you roll =p