Reviews for "Donald's Pizza Heaven"

sickanimation is classic

this guy makes some of the most ridiculous cartoons....everyone should check out his website, if you think this is great he's got even better stuff on there

this was ok, would have been better fully animated

I can obviously see this guys got some potential, he just has to take the time to fully animate his stuff and it would be much funnier. I still think this was pretty funny though

One giant commercial... and it works

The gimmick of this flash is that it is a giant advertisment, where man and demons would normally fight, they talk about pizza. It's pretty funny and i consider it worth watching

Not bad

pretty amusing, it was a little annoying-- as most comericals do annoy me. But I liked the comercial parody idea-- it was an origional one :3

Hey crabman

I thought it was dumb, but dumb and funny in a good way, it definitly didn't take itself seriously.