Reviews for "Donald's Pizza Heaven"

it was...

I liked it because no black people watched it... o wait... i mean because it was interesting looking on the popsicle sticks there... (o no im being sucked into a vortex and some ghosts from my black coment have come to shank me...)



..but still good. It's very funny, and is just insane.

That. Was. AWESOME! 5/5

That was so funny, I...I can't take it! It's too funny! The part where no one was cheering...genius. This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, on Newgrounds or off. This earns a spot on my favorites. Great job! Keep it up!

I like Donald's Pizza Heaven because...

There aren't any black people!? Yeeaah!

That was fucking priceless! You so earned yourself a 5 for that one!

I dont know about this one

I really enjoy your other works, most of them really made me laugh to the point where i cryed because it was so funny. But recently I really havnt enjoyed ur recent ones as much such as this one. I still have faith, ill be looking out for ur other works!

I have a question, how come you never have sequels to some flashes that uve started? Like June Gloom, The Dragon and the Creature stuff that youve worked on before?

Anyways, original concept and style.