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Reviews for "shoddy actionscript tut!"

Nice try, not quite.

The concept behind this is cool. Tutorials like this are very helpful for people trying to learn.

To be brutally honest, though, the early lessons are easy to find just about anywhere and the colors/teeny-tiny font size on the more complex lessons makes them impossible to read.

The layout and colors need a _lot_ of help, but once it gets that then I think this would make a great addition to the community.

flashfreakz responds:

Thanks for the review.


the layout wasn't to great but the amount of stuff put in this is amazing

just hope it all works you guys are great


I'm gonna follow your tutorial and try and make a flash movie.

flashfreakz responds:

Thanks for the review but the way your rated it, I might take this as sarcasm.

3 meg for a crappy song?

It's a tutorial, why bother with sound at all? Further, I realize that the point of it was to copy paste, but you don't go explain why anything does anything. So in actuality, it's a cheat sheet and not a tutorial.

flashfreakz responds:

Yes and no, it does explain how to make things like the buttons and platform but I know what you mean, the next one shall explain stuff more.

Decent Tutorial

This tutorial isn't half bad, in fact I like it. Keep making them.

flashfreakz responds:

I am glad you liked it, sorry for it not being great though coz it is our first and you know how firsts are. :P

Anyway, thanks for the review. ^_^

We shall hopefully make a second one.