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Reviews for "shoddy actionscript tut!"

totally helped!

Working on a game now, thanks for the codes and stuff! :D


Hey thanks for adding my tutorial as your favorite! Good job on this tutorial as well.

flashfreakz responds:

Well that kicked asss your tut. the next shall be called flash FAQ's but I am worrying about size.

Very good.

I just have one question. How do I get an actionscript that can let me make something like a finish point at the end of the level?

flashfreakz responds:

Not sure, sorry that I couldn't help.

Ty for review though.


some of the codes diddn't work and u need to put more time into making it look good. It just looked like a pre-schoolers doodle pad with code on it. Make it look a little more proffessional

flashfreakz responds:

we'll try. :)

Really bad.


First off, for the drag n' drop (dress up game) all you need is:


Rather than the on(press) you did, which was stupid (an instance name in quotes? What the fuck?). Also for the movement this is a lot simpler:

Key.isDown(Key.LEFT) ? _x-=3 : 0
Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT) ? _x+=3 : 0
Key.isDown(Key.UP) ? _y-=3 : 0
Key.isDown(Key.DOWN) ? _y+=3 : 0

Isn't it?

Plus, I HIGHLY doubt you wrote that 3D code yourself (why would one section of the tutorial be great AS and the rest utter shite?) so why did you include it?

Horrible layout, worse actionscripting..