Reviews for "Smooth Criminal - 8-bit"

Awesome pwnage

You need to make thriller world dom style!!!!

Thislebrush responds:

Haha! I will try!! :)

Remix Is The Mix

You've been hit, you've been hit by a smooth criminal yea yea its reeeeal goood

Thislebrush responds:

Thank you very much, I was remixing it to make it the mix. It took a long work effort, and a lot of time! but thanks! : )


you shoud make more remixes!

Thislebrush responds:

I'm trying : )! Thanks!

Sweet :D

Excellent work on this remix, we can recognize the original song within a second after launching the player.

You should make other remixes of MJ songs, like billie jeans, or beat it. If the quality is the same as this one, this would be just awesome.

Thislebrush responds:

Thank you very much :) I will do my best to work on it! Please give me a while to work on it because of school!! :3


I accidently clicked 1 for the rate sorry


Thislebrush responds:

Thank you! :D

It's okay I've done it before >>;