Reviews for "Smooth Criminal - 8-bit"


You've been hit by... you've been struck by... an 8-bit criminal!

My skills in rhyming are shitty. But your skills in making 8-bit songs are epic.


i luv this song. i will miss mj R.I.P


Really nice remix, I really like this!

mj's death

mj died on june 24 2009 not the 25 i know this because the day after his death was my b day and my b day is on the 26th of june and um nice song i love mj's songs there good yep


Haha 1:32 really starts bein awesome... Really liked how you had the background beats being accurate to the real song, whereas others may have just opted for the traditional main beat. You deserve #1 and not A-rest because this is a real pop submission that people enjoy.

Thislebrush responds:

It took a lot of research to find the right sheet music, and a lot of listening to the same song over...and over..and over enough that my eyeballs exploded, so I'm writing this with no eyeballs....