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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"


Yeah....don't worry these are GREAT....DO NOT STOP MAKING THESE!!

just awsome

good ol' sprites ^^

anyhoe at the end maybe the person shoulda chucked his controller at the screen or something......just an suggestion

nice music ..im actually surprised that this wasnt longer ><
moving along this was an AWSOME movie overall
rock on wario2k3


What the last reviewer said, you are correct.

This definitely takes me back as well. Remix of Born to be Alive is awesome! I gotta find that song, that song kicks ass! ^_^

-- Linkdude24

dude roflmao wtf

this is the best god father of all vg tributes ever man you rock keep it up bro


look if u are checking this witch you probaly arn't
but if you are than NICE movie! (note i read that this guy might have
gone to collage so for all who don't know theres the news