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Reviews for "A Tribute to the NES"


That wasnt no tribute, that was another shitty "skittles and bits" with a real song in the background. Most of them were about the main character gettin killed in a retarded unfunny way. Stop just for the mother fucking love of God STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP

(-_-; )Well...

That was...BAD.

Graphics. Well, they were "Acceptable", not good. I've seen much better sprite work.

Honestly, I didnt' laugh, once.

The music was the worst part. IT'S SO EASY TO MAKE "NINTENDO" (8-BIT) MUSIC! You totally ruined it with the, well, bad rock, or bad electronic, or just, bad whatever. Like, it makes it feel like I'm watching bad flash, instead of good Nintendo Animation. You could have even had someone else MAKE NES music.

*sigh* GO TO BED!

If you feel the need to yell at me, threaten me, or ask for NES music... AIM:TheUnlikedTrike.
Myspace: myspace dot com/t3hspy.

G'bye, now.


So.............. alright.... erm......

MajinPiccolo responds:


Sorry man..

This thing just really sucks. It's uninventive, poorly animated (even considering how bad the nes graphics were), and quite honestly, not funny in the slightest.

You can do much better, I think.

yeah, well

this is really bad