Reviews for "the sonic show 1.5"


People are too nice --- it annoyed me --- You had a good plot and what not, bUUUuuut your audio was incredibly anoying --- ARGH!!

You obviously know how to do audio why name make them voices!? and the horrid loop at the end with the giggling and the grunting.. MAKE IT STOP ARGH!!!!

Simply awesome!!1

I luved the whole movie from start to finish! I don't have enuff room to say how much i loved this so i'll make my review short. That movie was freakin hilarious!!! I SHALL VOTE 5!!! Best movie of today!! Freakin awesome sprite movie! hope ya make some more!!!

great job

great job on the animations/ sprite work.

a few things, though;

-if you wanted to avoid a huge file size, you could've avoided using actual video from the Jerry Springer show. a simple sound file with a static graphic would've worked just as well.

-the looping laughter during and after the fight scenes got a little monotonous.

other than those two points, good job!! make some more!


It's just too funny!


I watched this flash early in the morning so it realy perked up my day!!