Reviews for "the sonic show 1.5"

Simply awesome!!1

I luved the whole movie from start to finish! I don't have enuff room to say how much i loved this so i'll make my review short. That movie was freakin hilarious!!! I SHALL VOTE 5!!! Best movie of today!! Freakin awesome sprite movie! hope ya make some more!!!

great job

great job on the animations/ sprite work.

a few things, though;

-if you wanted to avoid a huge file size, you could've avoided using actual video from the Jerry Springer show. a simple sound file with a static graphic would've worked just as well.

-the looping laughter during and after the fight scenes got a little monotonous.

other than those two points, good job!! make some more!


It's just too funny!


I watched this flash early in the morning so it realy perked up my day!!

I apologize

I'm sorry but I will have to give it a 4 hope it helps with keepin it alive

the one thing that disturbed me was that because it's daylight here I couldn't see anything at the start but it's good anyway.