Reviews for "the sonic show 1.5"

awsome xD

lol these are awsome man keep it up


No Not Dominos Hot wings!!!


lol good 1

if funny to see knuckles in pain ^o^ hahahah lol

in dis movie knuckles painmakes everyone happy well except for some knux fans but hope u make more crazy sonic movies. shadow /sonic look good in a suit ,but why r they da only 1z workin.

Man, get this over to Sonic Team, they'd love it!

Man, you should send this to the Sonic Team, they'd love such a cool use of their characters. I must give you a 9 overall, because there's no interactivity, but 10 in Graphics, Style, Sound, Violence, and Humour. You really need to get some people to voice these sprites of yours, that'd turn it into a perfect show.

Thats so funny

I laughed so hard I couldn't breath!!!! The funniest part was knuckles getting beaten up. Only problem is you used Mario sound effects for the chimney scene.