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Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 1"


If it had been funny, that might have made up for the fact that the fat guy looks and acts way too much like carl from ATHF, And you seem to deny it in your reviews as if you don't see the similarities. This is what you responded with in a review:

"It's strange: the more that people watch this, the more I hear that people relate the Conscience to Karl - all they've got in common is a Northern voice and a weight problem"

He sounds like hes trying to hard to sound like carl, he also puts his hand over his face like carl does when hes frustrated, hes bald, and his voice is a little raspy, hes a ripoff. It wouldn't bother me so much if you would just admit where this character derives from, instead you choose to act as if its just "so crazy" how people think he sounds like carl. I do happen to like the blockhead character, even though hes stupid as hell. Just my 2 pennies...

The-Swain responds:

While I do appreciate the review, I do have a problem with the logic. You're telling me that if two things are similar, that one has to be a ripoff? I ran into a person the other day who was an exact lookalike of my friend's girlfriend. I said hello to her and cracked some joke about ignoring me, but when she turned and asked "Excuse me?", I knew it wasn't her. Yet I refused to believe it. I repeated what I said, but then I just ran off before she could respond. They were bleeding identical. I have never been so confused.

Moral of the story: I guess two identical things can never exist apart from one another. That girl totally ripped off my friend's girlfriend, didn't she?

"What the-"!

Ok, first of all I didn't like this I had a few laughs but it look like something a 3 yr old made, if you want to improve you could try maybe animating it a little better?


this has no sense kinda dumb a lil funny but really dumb first time ive seen this though


I dont get it


It was kinda well made , but there wasnt any funny jokes , just jokes for 10yearold kids :<