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Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 1"

Wow...best new series

After now having watched the first four blockhead episodes (in reverse order), I can say that Blockhead is developing into my favorite series on newgrounds. It embraces a style of humor not only more refined than most humor on Newgrounds but is just funnier. While other Newgrounds series either bombard the viewer with vulgarity and violence or mimic popular animated comedy this is a welcome relief.

Hopefully you will continue to make many episodes of Blockhead.

The-Swain responds:

I think that's because I'm giving you guys something you haven't seen before. It doesn't make me a creative genius, but it certainly says that I'm not imitating anyone, either. Whatever the case, I'm glad that you noticed this, and that, in turn, makes me very glad to keep making these things for you all.

Thanks for the review; very inspirational :)


I think with some tweaking Blockhead could be a stroke of genius. It's really warped, but has some issues. It needs more sporadic funny and quick writing. There is a point where something is too stupid to be enjoyable and this one crosses the line a touch. I think this shows a lot of potential.

very funny

kinda surreal and random, that blockhead *hysterical laughter*.


That was pretty funny! You know, i know people just like that... haha. I also liked your ending how the person at the door was just the ending.

Blockhead's a moron, lol.

Seems like he just loves messing with people. Either way, the flash was awesome. The graphics, sound, whatever were great, and it was hilarious. Whoever the other guy was who was angry at him was funny to watch too. The sequels better be as good as this.