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Reviews for "Blockhead: Episode 1"




good stuff, love the blockhead shit. kinda reminds me of some Aqua Teen Hunger Force humour


oh gawd... hilarious 8)

Let's see how should I say this?

It was somewhat funny in a very stupid way. I have nothing against stupid humor, as a matter of fact, I love stupid humor, but this is just dumb.

The-Swain responds:

That's strange: you've got it all backwards. High score for graphics but low for humor? My flash art for Ep.1 was horrid!

It's harder to watch these things in reverse order. When I first created Blockhead, his antics were amusing. But Ep.1 Blockhead just doesn't live up to what he is by #3 & #4 if that's what you're expecting when you come back to watch #1. I'm sure that this episode earned the score it got: good, but not awesome. But an overall 7 is still very good for something so short, so I'm glad you liked it at least that much.

Wow could he get more retarded?

I love how stupid he is. The kinda person you just wanna beat with the nearest blunt object. Yea, humor was great, my one letdown is length, if your gonna make it a series beef up there running time! Id love to see a 5+ minute blockhead episode. Remember, if you wanna hit a community hard, its quality over speed. Dont destroy what would be a perfect flash animation just to get it done fast, this is the DS special advice for the day.