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Reviews for "Tom fights the Ninjas"

not so bad...

nice work and i like it...the ONLY problem is the graphic...i hate fucking stick...its bad

but your story vocal was funny a bit :)

What the fudge?

Nice to see a fellow brit here, but tell me if you're 10 why does your newgrounds profile and voice give me the vibe your 15? *shrugs*

I honestly didn't know wether you were being serious or taking the piss with this movie, but since you have 5 other submissions I would definatly say you're 15 and you're most certainly taking the piss with this...

TomSka responds:


People can be so unoriginal

I think its funny that people copy David Firth even when he dosent claim to be David Firth. What im trying to say is that this is directly copied from the "Jerry Jackson" movies. I wouldnt mind if you had actually admitted that but its so incredibly present throughout the entire movie its sickening. You even tryed to talk like him. This is complete unoriginal shit.

TomSka responds:

I'm sorry.

this is the worst peice of shit i ever saw

i know you can do better than this, i just think you dont care anymore so why should i care if i get in trouble 0/100 this movie sucks ass, alsdo since i donjt want to be 100 persent rude and get in trouble heres some tips
1.have color
2. give color sound drawlings and everything 100% even higher! dont just go (gee im just gunna draw2 bad and do bad sounding and hope i do good, im sorry i give you to thumbs down

TomSka responds:

Well golly gosh a mighty big thankin' to you Mr boss man sir

you suck

why the hell would you impersanate tom.Dude.everyone knows toms username is tomska and tom is like 23 or 22.not good graphics either.