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Reviews for "Tom fights the Ninjas"


This one is almost like that other guy and his Linkin Park came to my house, but I actually laughed out loud at this one. Dragonball Z skills, good stuff. It was pretty funny though.

This is a pile of shit

I figure it's on purpose though.If it isnt you REALLY need to work on your drawings.But anyhow its pretty dam funny.Usually with a submission like this the sound is terrible.Not on this one and Im grateful.

Good luck I gave you a 5


now how did i predict you killing the ninjas using super saiyan skills??? lol....seriously i predicted that.

That was wicked funny!

Man no one else could make a stick movie the funny! Wanna see you make another one!


uahauhauha the worst graphics i've ever seen, but still a very funny animation, looks like my little cousin talking.

Good job!