Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"


I found number #3 to have the best flow beat to lisen to while flipping though the portal. 1,2&5 are just too much and get on my nerves quickly. 4 is alright but I think the extra stuff to it kinda makes it a little horible. I mainly like the simple beats of 3 more.

So Tough to Choose

Although there seems to be a skip present (to my ears) in the first track, I would go with #1 for the NG frontpage music. It's quiet enough for the background, not to mention it reminds me of a revised version of the OLD music--I believe from before the current look of NG now.

The other themes are still GREAT and should be incorporated into NG somehow. Track 2 would freshen up Assassin in my opinion. Tracks 3 and 4 are my absolute favorites--#4 would work well during the month of October for a "Halloween" NG, or on the Halloween collection page. Track 3 is less "spooky" and would be a nice touch at Christmas. Track 5 belongs on the Mortal Kombat collection. GREAT WORK SHOK!!!!

= Nmb. 4 =

My review of these musics...
#1) Too fast, buzzing noise, my head hurts...
#2) I find the beat to loud for the portal...
#3) I like, I like... but there's somthing missing...
#4) There you go!!! Perfect!!!
#5) Wow... too heavy... pounding...

In my opinion, #4 is the best.


Try hard new age pop music shit. Leave transformers where it is, don't make NG a neo-techo-try hard fringe site.


Four was quiet and mellow, which is what I wnjoy in music. Three was really good, too. Two and five were okay, but were rather fast and loud, and like the current music would just piss me off if I heard them when I came to the site. One was so bad it hurt for me to listen to it.