Reviews for "you pick portal music v.1"

interesting, well concieved concept

how can you deny this, it does exactly what it says it is gonna do..let you choose the portal music that loops. You only get 5 choices, but they are all pretty decent beats. #3 is my personal favorite


I honestly think i'm going insane and wil end up going on a rampage watching all these short no REAL effort portal films. You imported some music and stuck it on a flash film......Thats IT.....? When is soemoen going to actually put soemthing meaningful or funny, or ANYTHING that shows some EFFORT was put into it?!?!?!

FDA responds:

You really missed the boat, buddy....

the point was not the flash, but for the audio to select our new loop.
This is the kinda person that parks their car in the fire-zone and wonders why it gets towed later :) - - -Just poking fun at you... but next time READ first!!!!