Reviews for "Organ Jaws ~P~"

realy nice

good boss music: caotic, evil, demoniac. inpresive.
the "litle thing is present... realy close but I cant give you a 10/10... maybe on an other song? its not realy atractive... its repetitive its long and a litle boring at least I give you a 9/10 4/5 for this one (you can say thanks I use the 1st hear on a song ><

sounds cool

Dig this track, though I do wonder why the soundtrack for 2 never got an official release while the other ones did.

THE CHAOS , is like approaching from the dark debris leaving total distruction dispair and the anger of the mother Erath itself .
Subbudeed from the dark power .

It's power emits chaos and the said heavy thoughts .