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Reviews for "Organ Jaws ~P~"

its good~~

this is awsome!!!
but somehow,i think it sounded like the final boss battle in FF9

Still good though :D

It's good; but not like... EPIC enough for a tank boss, ya know?

Phyrnna responds:

Hehehee thanks for the opinion!

Awesome Stuff :3

I just love it , and the sound was perfect for the final boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 !

Phyrnna responds:

Thank you thank you!! :D I'm glad that you liked it!


its like an epic theme to an anti hero, or something else. ....im not good with descriptions.....so anyway 10/10 5/5 XP

Phyrnna responds:

AntiHero indeed! That's what I had in mind with this song!! :D


i wish i could hear it in the game but its crashing on my pc TT_TT

Phyrnna responds:

Well, hear you can hear it NOT in the game! xD Enjoy what you can though! ^.^