Reviews for "Negative 001 - The Call"


You makin more?

YEAH... . . .NO!


That was amazing, you're animation skills are very good. I cant wait to see the next parts.

Keep it up.


i like the video cant wait for part 2


a anime... THANK THY LORD THAT BE UPON US - i think.... that was awsome, i don't care wat ppl say about it being short.. it was great, the animation must have took forever, i have just started my manga peice and i'm finding it really hard even just to turn his body around and fit the shading in correctly, do you use any other animation programs other than flash.... this is the longest review i have done.... i will stop now.


Well refined!

Honestly, I'm shocked that people are complaining that this is short. That's like complaining about the teaser before James Bond walks into the sniper scope since the scene failed to explain everything. It's the beginning of the series!

Anyhow Gear_Zero, I think that this is awesome. The drawings are great, and they get more fluid as the movie continues. The only thing that I would watch out for is some of the sound fx, most notably the sounds of characters walking. It sounds like they're pounding their feet down on a hardwood floor to evoke a seismic reaction rather than walk/run since the noise is so loud. Other than that, this rules. There's always room for good, dark, gritty action series that look like they might be aired on TV one day.