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Reviews for "CloudSong"


lmao, this stuf rocks!

ok graphics, good animation,

i have a friend like that crazy guy ^_^

do more stuff like this!!!


i like these kind of flashes that even the graphics arent good but the humor is awsome. i couldnt understand what the blue guy was saying cuz he was screaming so loud at hte mike and was that the big red dog in the corner

Funny. Damn funny

This flash is a reason why I don't play online games.

Ha ha! Good one!

I have never seen anything funnier in my life. Good job! Just one big problem; even though you got the facial expressions down, the characters themselves were poorly drawn. It would’ve been better if you spent more time on them. The backgrounds were crap, too. I mean, you can't just draw one window on the wall and call it a room. Still, it was funny and that's all that counts. :D

I hope your next submission is a bit better. :)

I always wanted to see a flash with this audio.

The syncing was great and the expressions are funny as hell,the charcters we're kind of poorly animated but it's all good it was still hilarous,good job. :)