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Reviews for "CloudSong"

Not an actual conversation

Doubt many will be able to read this but here goes. The clip is a fake made by a guild on a Dark Age of Camelot (A MMO much like World of Warcraft) from the Mordred server.
The story behind it was that a Necromancer was supposedly killing a computer controlled monster for a rare drop artifact cloak, The Cloudsong. A group came along and killed both the necromancer and the Cloudsong mob, getting the cloak.
The angry person was the necromancer who got into the voice chat server the people who killed him were using.


Isnt this for Warcraft?
Its not for Neverwinter..

Funny as hell.

Whoa, dude, this thing is funny as all hell. "SOMEBODY'S FUCKING KICKING ME! I'M GONNA LOSE MY FUCKING MIND!" That's fuckin' classic, man. Good luck in your flash creations and I'd love to see more of this.

I've met people like that!

That was hilarious! Keep this up, I need a little fun insanity in my life. (I loved the facial expressions.)


I love your style of animation, half of the points are because you said it was "Dark Age of Camelot" because it IS, unlike most idiots who think it is WoW. Well not really half, I liked the audio and animation anyway. Good job, you earned yourself another 5.