Reviews for "Ankronikka : The video"


umm... taco nazi? Uncle Lenna? Morphine?

BobblinTops responds:


More fanmutation!

I can't get enough of crazy stuff like this. The sprites were animated well and they went great with the music. What language was that in?

BobblinTops responds:


that was funny....

im from finland and i laughed the hell out of me when i saw and heard this.Are u from finland or did u just want to mock us.Anyway it was funny.

This can't be real...

That song is the main theme of the Finnish-dubbed version of Duck Tales
That completely saved my day.


I fucked up, I was just seeing so much crap lately that, out of reflex, I voted 0 by accident. I really liked this.

BobblinTops responds:

thats NOT FAIR!!!