Reviews for "Ankronikka : The video"

do you know where this sound come from?

in finland is one tv show where is that music.in finland,this ducktales are sum ankronikka.that uncut is like ankat,and
and ankat is like ducks.as you see,internet is good invention.
there you can learn even finish language.put i dont think this
makes poop look good.overall good flash.thanks.

BobblinTops responds:

of course i know all about this sound and its still hilarious. i also find you funny because it looks like you used a translator to write this review LOL.

with my regards,



:domo: FRONT PAGE FRONT PAGE FRONT PAGE D:!!! I loved this!!! <333 xDD it was so funny ><;; you rule D: FRONT PAGE FRONT PAGE FRONT PAGE :domo:

BobblinTops responds:

yes i agree, FRONT PAGE TOM!!


The song is in finnish!!! YAAY! Funny one! But I am wondering, what's wrong with the clockcrew's homepage when it says it is out of order. What has happened?

But still, the flash was funny!

BobblinTops responds:



10 out of 10 gugs

not bad but...

I mean...it wasnt BAD persay...but...I'm assuming thats the japanese version of Ducktales with a ghetto english "sounds like" translation....I'f I'm wrong...then who the f#$^ spent the time writing that? I mean come on...As for the visual, it's not bad but....dot quit your day job.

BobblinTops responds:

racist....its finnish but good job at the generalization.