Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country 1½"


as a geek who has beaten DKC 1,2,3,and DK64 100%+, i must say that this flash has been my favorite of the day, and i've seen 95% of the entries submitted today :p i loved the little things, that a donkey kong nut wouldnt catch, but they made me smile. it was an awesome toon, keep up the good work :)

EpicPopcorn responds:

Thank you !

yes it was a real cheat,and good job

that is a real cheat (for the gba version of dkc 2).and that was really well made and funny,keep up the good work

LOFL. do it again

i remember playing that game religiously. i still couldnt beat no.1 tho.

That´s was really cool

Very cool and funny. I will see more of them!


Wow man,I loved it!I was addicted(and I still am)to the DK games on the super nintendo and this was a really really good tribute,the spirit of the game was there all along.I wasn't expecting it to be that good.I don't understand why the score is so low,it should be 4.25 or higher.Keep up the great job,I hope to see more of you in the future.