Reviews for "Donkey Kong Country 1½"


Awesome! man! my name is in the cradits Horray!

A Great Flash!

This was such a Great Flash! Also.. The microsoft guy who kept coming up and making comments was funny... But... I think Nintendo got to keep DK and Rare Got Banjo-Kazooie/Perfect Dark... not sure

Anyway, I've stuck this in my Favourites as I hope to watch again a few months down the line!

Well done!

Sequel now



this is really good!!!!!!


Thanks Alexlabbe! it was because of your post that I signed up to submit a review! for an old flash, this stop kicks ass! In the next episode of 2 pi Tiny Kong and Wrinkly Kong need to be in it :D with rocket barrels and wii motes!


P.S. Maybe they should find 7 chaos bannanas in the next episodes? :]