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Reviews for "HALF LIFE2 - Blow Me Away"

As it's a music video, I have to point out some major flaws. The animation isn't really that good. It doesn't seem to hold up well. I still love how you have this music. I also see genuinely good action in this. It portrays the series rather well.

While I have never played it, I understand a lot of the references. You really do see a lot of different images in this. It's fairly unpredictable. It doesn't make much sense to me, but is good in its own right. It really is fast paced.

Awesome Video But I Still Haven't Played The Game I Sort Of Understand I Played Half-Life1.................

Dang, if I had known if there was an uprising then I would have kept the Orange Box.
I guess I am going to have to get the game again because I just love uprising scenarios.
Great Video.

This is just simply epic...
Gave me a flashback when I first time got thru Ravenholm, I was happy as hell...
Aaand then I got to The Uprising and was all like:
Now just lets go to the basement... Wait whats that red light? There aint any snipers around?
*Rocket launch sound* And I turned around and..: WHATTAF*CK *BOOM*

This video is spoiler to thoes ho havent played the game.