Reviews for "The Science of Dating"

Very good movie man!

i liked it very much... it was funny and most amusing
you draw very well and the voices and background sound were very good and great fit to the movie...

good job!


HEhehe! Sexellent =D
Keep up the good work!

Simple graphics, hilarious plot.

I loved it man, it was hilarious in every way. The stick figures didn't bring it down at all, all I have complaints about is the voice-acting animations, try to do more than one different mouth movement, other than that, EXCELLENT!

PyrasTerran responds:

I'll try that next time I do an animation in 2 days. :)


that is sum wacked out shizit yo!! lol

best flash ever!!!

only one problem the lip synching is a little off

PyrasTerran responds:

I wasn't trying to get the lipsynch, heh. 'just moved the mouth up and down.