Reviews for "The Science of Dating"

lol...stick curves XD

That was f**kin halarious! And the voices were really good. I hope this gets FP :D

Great for a 2nd try.

And by great I mean awesome. This was pretty good except for lip synching(spelled correctly?) problem. All in all this was a very good toon. The humor(or humour if your canadian) was very nice. made me giggle like the fat lazy shit I am. But hey isn't that the True American Dream. Yep our forefathers fore saw(two words, or one?) that the people of the land they were conq- exploring would be inhabited by lazy gluttonous(I can't spell) twinkie swallowing slothful(redundant I know) idiots. Or not. I don't even know what i just typed.
3 fo u.

PyrasTerran responds:

I didn't even bother trying to lipsynch it. 'Just made the mouth move up and down, heh.

You'll go far

An excellent submission. The comedy was bang on the money and the voices were perfect (i.e. there was no breathing into the microphone). However, the artistry wasn't all that and the lip sync was (to be honest) terrible. Also a preloader and a replay button may have helped.

You will go far here, you just need to fine tune those skills.


Funny and strangly charming at the same time, the sound was a little off in the sync and the graphics weren't amasing, but who cares? Wouldn't mind seeing a part 2 of this... keep up the good work XD

i think there's a problem with the visuals

nothing loaded. i could hear the narrator but i couldn't see anything. you might want to check this out.